Alignment Yoga Teacher Training in Seattle With Richard Schachtel

September 4-29 , 2018 THE FEE FOR THE TRAINING IS $3,100.We are not admitting any more students as the training is underway. The Next Immersion teacher trainings in Seattle are March 4-30, 2019, and July 2019(see below) THEY ARE ON SPECIAL THIS WEEK THROUGH SEPTEMBER 24TH

This course meets in Seattle and is starting very soon. This 200 Hour Course is Approved By Yoga Alliance. Over 125 students have graduated from these 200 Hour trainings with Richard in recent years.
The training is for those wanting to teach yoga, for those wanting to learn more to develop a personal yoga practice, for those currently teaching who wish to develop their skills in learning the highly acclaimed Iyengar Method of Practice and Teaching.

Richard Schachtel is Seattle's most experienced yoga teacher trainer. He has taught special classes for those wanting to be trained to teach yoga since 1986.

He has trained yoga teachers not only in Washington State but teachers from around the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia in his immersion yoga teacher trainings help several times each year in Seattle, and in Goa India each Winter.

Richard is The founder of The Center For Yoga of Seattle (1980) and continues to serve as its Director.

He has trained 23 times in India with BKS Iyengar, author of Light on Yoga and numerous books, and with Geeta Iyengar, author of Yoga: a Gem For Women, most recently in December 2017.

Richard has taught yoga in Seattle since 1975 and has given workshops in Iyengar Yoga throughout the US and has taught Yoga in China, Australia, and India.

The Training is a Great Mix of Practice: learning the theory and practice of Iyengar Yoga with Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy for Yoga, Teaching Methodology, Practice Teaching and More.

Richard is one of the most experienced yoga teacher trainers in the US.

The course starts at 2pm on Tuesday September 4th and follows the following schedule

    Mondays 1:15PM-7:45pm * Course starts on Tuesday*
    Tuesdays 1:15pm-10:00pm ** Starts at 2pm the first day Sept 4th**
    Wednesdays 1:15pm-10:00pm
    Thursdays 10:00am-7:45pm
    Fridays 11:15am-8:10pm
    Saturdays 10:45am-7:10pm
    Sundays Off

    Typical Day in Teacher Training:
    2 Hours Study of Anatomy For Yoga
    2 Hours Study of Yoga Philosophy Or Yoga Methodology
    Two 2-Hour Yoga Asana & Yoga Teacher Training Classes

The program ends at 7pm on September 29th

Limited Enrollment.



I chose the Center for Yoga and Richard Schachtel for my very first 200 hr yoga teacher certification, and I couldn't be happier with my choice! As a dedicated student of yoga for eight years, my desire for an experienced, wise and senior teacher in an alignment-based practice drove my decision.

Richard is extremely knowledgeable, and he keeps control of his classes so that you are always learning--about every body type, every prop, and you're encouraged to explore what different modifications and props do for you.

I've left this training prepared to begin working with ANY type of body and ANY level of ability, which was my goal.

However, I've also left this training having discovered such an invaluable resource and teacher in Richard that I'm committed to continuing to study with him both to further my own practice and to also continually deepen my understanding of yoga in the Iyengar tradition.

I have chosen to teach yoga to others and share the joy of this self-healing practice, and I'm incredibly grateful to be learning so much from Richard that I can then pass on to my students.

August 18, 2018
Tara took the 4-Week Immersion 200 Hour Training in July 2018