Teacher Training and In-Depth Studies Sample Teacher Training Class and Q and A Wednesday OCTOBER 23 OR OCTOBER 30 6:30pm-8:00pm with Richard Schachtel Director The Center For Yoga of Seattle

Wednesday October 23, 2019 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Wednesday October 30, 2019 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm

If you've been considering a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, now is the time to find out more.

These are FREE Teacher Training classes, provided you sign up Here in advance. No credit card information is required. Space is limited.

Those who arrive without pre-registering online, will be charged a drop-in fee of $23.

Please, arrive early at 6:15pm dressed for yoga practice. Q and A session will follow the class. The class is limited to only 20 people so please only sign up if you intend to come and participate. The Session is for those who have not already signed up for a teacher training at The Center For Yoga of Seattle. If you already signed up for one of our upcoming trainings at The Center, please do not sign up for this session so that we can use each space to reach people who have not yet decided to enroll in one of our trainings.

The open house is for those interested in one of our upcoming 200-hour teacher trainings, OR our 1-year Yoga Practitioner Training Courses(no theory, methodology, or Anatomy in the practitioner training).

  • Our Next Evening 1 Year Teacher Training starts on November 6 on Wednesday Nights 6-10pm
  • The 1 Year Tuesday Morning Teacher Teacher Training Starts on November 12th and meets 10am-2pm weekly
  • The 1 Year Weekend Teacher Teacher Training Starts on January 2020 and meets 1-7pm
  • 8th Annual Spring 4-Week Immersion 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training March 2-28, 2020
  • 14TH Annual Summer 4-Week Immersion Teacher Training July, 2020
  • Bring your yoga clothes and your questions!

Our Yoga Practitioner Trainings Meet on Wednesday Evenings from 6-8pm starting on November 6, and on Tuesday Mornings starting on November 12 from 10am-12noon.

Find out why Iyengar Yoga Alignment is the Gold Standard of Yoga Systems.

Experience teacher training from Seattle's most experienced yoga teacher trainer.

Some of the Hallmarks of Iyengar Yoga are:

  • 1. The emphasis on precision of alignment in every pose.
  • 2. The specific and creative use of props that can help to individualize the practice to each student.
  • 3. The important feedback on practice that is given by well-trained competent teachers.
  • 4. Well structured sequences that help the student to progress and to gain awareness.
  • 5. Emphasis on developing the ability to work and stay in the poses in order to gain real benefit as compared to classes which are too fast to experience the full benefit of each pose and do not allow enough time to make adjustments and corrections.
  • 6. The emphasis on practicing a full-range of poses including the highly important inverted poses which are sadly not taught at"gym yoga" classes.

Please sign up early and arrive early for the class!

Richard Schachtel has been training yoga teachers in Seattle since 1986. Over 140 recent graduates are approved by Yoga Alliance. He has taught throughout the US, in India, China, and Australia.

**For those simply wanting to find out about Iyengar Yoga, please see the Trial Iyengar Yoga Classes offered each month for $23. Richard teaches fundamentals classes every Thursday Night 6:00pm-7:30pm AND Friday Morning 11:15am-12:45pm that you can drop-in on for $23.