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Learn Iyengar Yoga: The Gold Standard of Yoga Systems

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A Yoga System For All. Real yoga!

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    4-5 Week Yoga Courses

    Every month we offer 4-5 Week Series Classes that meet once/twice a week. A variety of convenient time slots and different class levels including Gentle Yoga, Level 1, Level 1&2, Level 2 & Level 2&3 which allow you to develop your skill level and make real improvement. See also the Intensive Courses featured to the right.

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    4 Week Intensives

    Our intensive courses are some of the best at The Center, meeting 4 or 5 times a week for 3-4 weeks at 7am & 4:30pm (no drop-ins/make-ups allowed). Students quickly learn how to practice & experience the Power of Daily Yoga in their lives! Many of our best students & teachers started here and many of our most dedicated students continue their studies in the level intensives. We have level 1, 1&2, and Level 2 Courses.

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    Drop-in Classes

    Yes we have Drop-in Classes! We have fundamentals classes every Saturday & Sunday 9am-10:30am, Tuesday 7:45pm-9:15pm, and Thursday 9:30am-11:00am for $15 per class. Friday Slow Class 6:30pm-8pm for $20 and Thursday level 2 6pm-7:30pm $20. You can also drop in to our series classes for $22 per class (except 4 or 5 day a week intensive courses). Those new to Iyengar Yoga please attend a level 1, level 1&2 or slower class.

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    Learn more about Iyengar Yoga with Specialized Theme Based Workshops. These 2-3hr weekend workshops provide access to information that isn't available in such depth as at regular weekly classes. They help you know more about, for example, how to Open Your Hips or get comfortable with Inversions. You can make breakthroughs in many of these deep practice sessions. Highly recommended to learn more!

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    Monthly Class Passes

    Take up to 11 classes a week in any calendar month with our semi-unlimited Monthly Class Pass. Feel the difference with more frequent classes and the immense power that regular yoga practice brings. Our Monthly Pass is only $99 for the first month and $135 thereafter, and for visitors to Seattle. Intensive and higher level classes are not included in the pass.

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    Teacher Training & In-Depth
    Studies Courses

    The Center for Yoga of Seattle has some of the most popular teacher training programs in the US. 4 Choices for the foundational 200 hour Yoga Alliance Approved Training: One 4 Week Immersions held each March, June, July, & September OR 1 Year Courses meeting Either Weekly or on Weekends OR a Track/Module Format where you take the program in 4 six day segments over a 7-16 month period. We reward early sign-ups!

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    This Week's Specials through 5/30

    8-9 Weeks of Slower Yoga For $100! New Student Only- One class per week June 2-July 28 | Semi-Unlimited Class Pass $99 for brand new students | 1 YR Weekend Teacher Training Course 200 HRS $999 -Join 6/4 | 3 Week PM Level 1 Intensive M-F 6/6-6/24- $149 through 5/30, $240 regular| 4 Week Teacher Training Immersion May 31-June 26 $999 through 5/30, $2900 Regular Fee| 4 Week Teacher Training Immersion May 31-June 26 $999 through 5/30, $2900 Regular Fee | 4 Week Teacher Training Immersion July 6-31 $999 through 5/30, $2900 Regular Fee

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    Private Sessions

    Private lessons for 1-2 people can be useful if: you have back problems & are looking for specialized therapeutic ways to use yoga to get better; you have a problem with basic poses in group classes; you're looking for guidance in developing an at home yoga practice; you're getting back to exercise & want to be sure you can do yoga.

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This Weeks Schedule & Upcoming Weeks

Drop-Ins $22 $20 for Thursday 6pm & Friday 6:30pm | Weekend Plus Tuesday 7:45pm & Thursday 9:30am Drop-Ins $15 (no drop-ins to intensives)
Workshops & Teacher Trainings separate pricing. Early morning intensives may not appear in schedule.

NEW 4-5 WEEK COURSES START 6/1-6/7, 7/1-7/1, 8/1-8/7

Courses Happening Soon

Once, Twice, or Four Time a Week Courses

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Workshops to Learn & Experience More!

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Upcoming Teacher Trainings & In-Depth Studies Courses

Choose Your Own 4-Six Day Module Teacher Trainings

Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training in Seattle With Richard Schachtel

This Immersion is for those who cannot attend 4 contiguous weeks and prefer to take one 6 day week over the course of 6-12 months. The 6 day modules must be taken in the correct sequence (Module week 2 after Module week 1, etc.) but you are free to choose the time frame that suits your schedule.

We can only offer a few spots of this option of taking the training in a way that fits your schedule. Please make your decision to attend early!

In Choose your own, Week 1 choices:

  • May 31-June 4, 2016
  • July 6-9, 2016
  • Sept 6-10, 2016
  • March 6-11, 2017

Choose your own Week 2 choices:

  • June 6-9, 2016
  • July 11-16, 2016
  • Sept 12-17, 2016
  • March 13-18, 2017
  • June 5-10, 2017

Choose your own Week 3 choices:

  • June 13-18, 2016
  • July 18-23, 2016
  • Sept 19-24, 2016
  • March 20-25, 2017
  • June 12-17, 2017
  • July 24-29, 2017
  • Sept 18-23, 2017

Choose your own Week 4 choices:

  • July 25-30, 2016
  • Sept 26-Oct 1, 2016
  • March 27-April 1, 2017
  • June 19-24, 2017
  • July 31-Aug 5, 2017
  • Sept 25-30, 2017

$1998 special rate through May 23, 2016.
Regular fee: $3100

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Experience The Center For Yoga of Seattle difference


Authentic Yoga, Not Trendy Yoga

Authentic Iyengar yoga doesn't keep the room artificially heated to sauna like temperatures; we keep it comfortable. We don't play music when we teach; you should hear the valuable things your teacher says, be calm & quiet within, and hear your breath. We don't need to be more overstimulated than we already are in modern life. We don't blend in weight lifting; Iyengar yoga develops useful strength & good body tone. Yoga correctly done is enough to offer immense benefits for your mind & body.


Classes For Everyone!

The Center is known as a remarkably welcoming place: for the brand new beginner, for the student who has tried and practiced other methods of yoga but is looking for more, as well as for the dedicated student looking for more expert feedback and guidance for their practice.


We Have Decades of Teaching History in the Seattle Area Since 1980

Richard Schachtel is one of the most highly trained and experienced yoga teachers in the Northwestern United States. He has assembled a group of talented, inspiring and relatable teachers to form his staff. The Center's teachers are all serious students of yoga who practice what they teach! Many have trained with Richard in his weekly classes or his teacher training courses, and have personally apprenticed with him.

Live Video From a Workshop on Using The Chair for Backarching Poses with Richard Schachtel

Students Talk About The Center & Iyengar Yoga

Comments from students who have traveled to Seattle from around the US to take a 5 day practice intensive with Richard Schachtel - Write A Review

The training was everything I was looking for and more. Richard's teaching style is direct, precise, and thorough, as well as attentive to the individual needs of each student. I do not have access to this level of Iyengar instruction in my area, so this was such a gift. The training has inspired me, as I hoped it would, to develop a daily practice and work on specific areas. I pushed myself further than I ever have and felt absolutely exhilarated every day. Although I get discouraged with the limitations of my lower back, I am more hopeful that I can overcome this restriction with continued practice. Richard was very inspirational and I am grateful. Additionally, I am very impressed with the studio, the registration and communication process, the website, and all aspects of the business, including this feedback form. ... Richard encouraged us to try new things and exposed us to a wide variety of asanas, including preparations, props, wall ropes, and more. He quickly assessed the abilities of the class participants and adjusted accordingly when necessary. Things were thoroughly explained, and there was ample time for questions and clarifications. The class format, time, and schedule were optimally utilized. Richard's devotion to the practice, study, and teaching of Iyengar yoga is evident. I especially appreciated his positive nature and his directness of purpose. His words, "We only have so little time here and together," stayed with me. He obviously wanted to impart as much information and training as possible in this intensive week. I appreciate the patience necessary in teaching beginning students."

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Excellent training! It was challenging, exhilarating, and fun. I walked into the training with an open mind, not knowing what to expect with some doubts about my ability and stamina to complete the full five days (due to my advanced age and lack of yoga experience). However, due to Richard's expertise, professionalism and encouragement, I was able to complete the week and go further than I have ever gone before. I came away from the training with a greater respect for yoga and a strong commitment to deepen my own practice. ... I liked Richard as the instructor. His sincere love and commitment to yoga was contagious. He was tough, but he didn't make me feel bad when I couldn't meet up to his standards. He just kept telling the students that we can do it with practice and commitment. Consequently, I have registered for the October Teacher Training, and plan to attend a level-2 Practice Intensive sometime next year. In addition, I plan on attending other workshops as the opportunity and time presents itself.

Kennewick, Washington

I was very impressed by the amount of material and number of asanas we were able to cover in five days. Richard tailored the class to the level of the students, and I think that all of us grew considerably in our practice, in our knowledge of the asanas (including their Sanskrit names), and in our bodies in both strength and flexibility. The five days featured a balance of challenging practice and much needed relaxation. Personally, I loved seeing my practice grow over the five days, and loved the opportunity to study with a knowledgeable Iyengar teacher such as Richard. I hope I have the opportunity to do a level-2 Practice Week. ... I liked when we worked on sequences to work up to a difficult pose, such as lotus or backbend. I also enjoyed the various use of props and learning new ways to use props in my practice. I loved the experience of working with the ropes, which was a new experience for me. During the five days, I had to go out of my 'comfort zone' and in doing so, I made many breakthroughs in practice, such as my first lotus, backbend and Sirsasana on the ropes.

Kobe, Japan

It was exactly what I was looking for and needed. I needed to move on to the 'next level' in my yoga practice. The workshop pushed me to new levels of familiar asanas and introduced me to some I had not done before, and some that I avoid because of physical concerns/limitations and fear of injury. I was very challenged, but never defeated! ... I liked the methodical, stage-by-stage breakdown of many of the poses, building up to the final asana.

Eugene, Oregon

I liked the chance to do some deep practicing with a superior teacher [in the Level 2 Practice Intensive]. I have never taken a regular class from Richard, previously having always done Teacher Trainings. I really enjoyed the chance to learn more about how to sequence asanas, how to transition into them, and how to break them apart. Less time was spent on the details of the asanas [as is done in Teacher Training classes], and more time doing yoga. My home practice has changed ... and I think I am a more confident teacher. Overall, I felt I gained a deeper understanding of Iyengar yoga — so much to learn.


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