We are accepting donations toward a New Roof for The Yoga Center.

We have a bid of $27,500 for a Brand New Roof from a reputable local roofer.

This new roof would give us many years of not having to be concerned with potential leaks for our flat roof.

Once we raise the required amount we will consider the following items that we will accept donations for:

  • New Ceiling
  • New Lighting/Electrical System
  • New Heating System
  • New Walls
  • New Heated Floor and Brand New Wood Floor
  • Remodeling The Bathrooms
  • Building a Second Yoga Studio in the Rear of the Building (without shrinking the size of the current studio).

Your donation will be used for the project intended. It is a purely free will donation/gift. The Center For Yoga of Seattle is not a non-profit institution, and you will not receive a tax deduction for your gift. Your generous donation will help to make the Yoga Center a more pleasant, comfortable, and safe place in which to practice yoga in Seattle, and is greatly appreciated!