Clothing & Etiquette


Wear clothing for yoga that is comfortable and not too baggy. The basic idea is that for the teacher to help you practice correctly, she or he needs to be able to see various parts of your body. The most important parts are your knee joints, your ankles, and your thigh muscles (to see if they are engaged properly).

Etiquette for yoga includes;

  1. Coming early for classes. Arrive at least 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin, or 15 minutes if there is a longer break between classes.

  2. Letting each teacher know beforehand if there are things he or she should know about: strain, sprain, injury, illness, medical problem, and recent surgery. Please remind the instructor again if they seem to have forgot what you told them earlier.

  3. Letting the instructor know immediately if something just feels wrong for your body, so that they can take a look at what you are doing. Don't wait till the end of the class.

  4. Letting the teacher know that you have to leave early before the class begins. Not leaving in the middle of relaxation at the end of the class.

  5. Remembering to either turn your phone off or place it in airplane mode. Even having the phone on vibrate mode can disturb the class.

  6. Making sure you watch closely and listen carefully to the demonstrations given by the instructor. This is one of the most important parts of each class. Please take this very seriously and come close to the instructor to see properly. The instructor will even guide you where to watch from in order to have the best viewing angle of their demo.

  7. Coming to class regularly. Infrequent practice rarely yields any long term results. Make your regular yoga lessons a priority. Make a commitment to your personal well-being!

  8. If you a New Student please position yourself in the center of the room so that the teacher can watch you more closely than they would someone whom they see every week. It's best to be in the second row of students in the center on the room. Position yourself so that you can always see the teacher and the teacher can see you.
    You don't want to be directly behind another student,but off center so that we can give you feedback to improve. 455 / 1000 Action move to backlog