Trial Iyengar Yoga Classes


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Almost every day of the year The Center For Yoga of Seattle offers you the opportunity to try out Iyengar Yoga by taking individual classes for just $23 for Monday thru Friday classes and $18 for Weekend Classes. It helps us know that you are coming by signing up on our website for the single class. You can access the daily and weekly classes that accept "drop-ins", or single sessions on our home page and scrolling down to see the upcoming schedule.

We have learned over the years that yoga classes are best when we can attract a group of students willing to make some commitment to regular attendance to a specific class. Most of our classes have a high level of consistency as to its class members so that teachers can plan for their courses and develop the student's skill, understanding, and ability. This is one major difference between classes at The Center For Yoga of Seattle and most Seattle area yoga studios.

If you like the trial class, you can register for the remainder of a course with the instructor after the class, or continue to drop-in to individual classes.

Most of our classes go for 4-9 weeks in length, but we do have several 1-year courses that we call yoga practitioner trainings. The Yoga Practitioner Courses Meet weekly for 2-hours,either on a weekday morning from 10am-12pm or a weekday evening from 6-8pm. Since 2018 we have been offering two of these courses starting at different times of the year both in the morning and in the evening. These courses are for those who want to develop a personal yoga practice and want to be in a training which gradually develops week by week. You can develop a strong yoga practice that is immensely beneficial through participation in the Practitioner Training Courses. To see the practitioner training course, please see the Practitioner Training Icon on the top of each page on our Website.

At The Center we firmly believe that Iyengar Yoga is the Gold Standard of Yoga Systems. Some of its particular characteristics include:

  • The quality of individualized instruction given to each student
  • The emphasis on creating precision of alignment and vitality in each pose
  • The skillful use of props that make yoga accessible to all
  • The systematic development of sensitivity and awareness that extends beyond the yoga mat
  • Intelligent and multi-dimensional sequencing which keeps yoga interesting, prevents injury, and allows students to progress

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Note for first timers: please arrive to class 15 minutes early. Thanks!