Trial Classes


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Each month, The Center For Yoga of Seattle offers you the opportunity to try out Iyengar Yoga by taking individual classes for just $22. Each trial class is the first class of a 4-days/week 4-week Intensive, once a week or a twice a week course.

If you like the trial class, you can register for the entire course with the instructor after the class or through our office.

At The Center we firmly believe that Iyengar Yoga is the Gold Standard of Yoga Systems. Some of its particular characteristics include:

  • The quality of individualized instruction given to each student
  • The emphasis on creating precision of alignment in each pose
  • The skillful use of props that make yoga accessible to all
  • The systematic development of sensitivity and awareness that extends beyond the yoga mat
  • Intelligent and multi-dimensional sequencing which keeps yoga interesting, prevents injury, and allows students to progress

Book your class now!

Note for first timers: please arrive to class 15 minutes early. Thanks!