4 Week Yoga Immersions With Classes Meeting AT 5:30AM-6:45AM & 7:00AM-8:30AM Tuesday Thru Friday BOTH IN-STUDIO AND LIVESTREAMED ON ZOOM

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The Center For Yoga of Seattle’s 4-Week Immersion Yoga Courses are a terrific way to learn the basic series of postures and to make outstanding and rapid progress in flexibility, strength and stamina, and to immediately experience the power of daily yoga practice. WE ARE TEACHING THESE IMMERSION COURSES IN OUR STUDIO IN NE SEATTLE AND ALSO SIMULTANEOUSLY LIVE-STREAMED ON ZOOM. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO RECEIVE LIVE FEEDBACK JUST AS YOU WOULD IN THE STUDIO IF YOU CHOOSE TO TAKE THE COURSES ONLINE.WE OFFER THE 4-WEEK IMMERSIONS EVERY 3 MONTHS. WE HAVE THESE POPULAR COURSES AT 5:30AM-6:45AM & 7:00AM-8:30AM. THE COURSES MEET TUESDAY THRU FRIDAY.

Iyengar Yoga is such a great and complete method of yoga, so unique, and powerful, and of such a high quality that it should not be missed! This form of yoga has it all: focus, concentration, accessibility, variety, energy, challenge, excitement, relaxation, and calm.
Precision, Alignment, Flexibility, Strength, Endurance. It is a systematic and proven method currently practiced by over 10 million people worldwide.

These type of progressive immersion courses are very,very rare. We are one of the only places in the Northwest to offer this opportunity. 3 Things are special about these courses: 1. You are getting instruction in Iyengar Yoga, the Gold Standard of Yoga Systems. 2. You are learning from Seattle's Most Experienced Yoga Teacher, Richard Schachtel. 3. You are in a specially Structured Course that allows you to learn and to improve. No casual drop-in students are permitted. Only those serious enough to want to be in structured course as this can join. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE WHO REALLY WANT TO LEARN, WHO WANT TO IMPROVE, AND WANT TO MAKE YOGA A DAILY PART OF THEIR LIVES!

16 Session Progressive Immersion Courses

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The Benefits of Our 4-Week Immersion Courses

Our FUNDAMENTALS OF PRACTICE (Level 1&2) Progressive IMMERSION Course is specially designed if you:

  • Are brand new to Hatha Yoga in general or to The Iyengar Method in particular and want to jump in and to immerse yourself in the culture of practice
  • Have been studying another form of yoga
  • Have been practicing less than 5 years
  • Are Not Practicing on a Daily Basis and want to learn how daily practices are performed
  • Want to accelerate your progress

Please note that enrollment is strictly limited and many previous beginner Immersion Courses have been filled to capacity, at times with long waiting lists. You may retake the Course any number of times.

Taking The Immersion Course may allow you to graduate to a higher level once or twice a week course

Student Comments

The training was excellent. I greatly appreciated the high standard of yoga practice and the super energy of each instructor. Richard's sense of humor, critical feedback, and impressive ability to stay on track throughout the month while being flexible and adaptive was terrific. We were given an enormous ...Read More

Stephanie Williams
Leavenworth, Washington

[Richard's training was] clearly taught with a desire to share all of [his] previous learnings and experiences with students. The studio reflects a professionalism, and I felt confident that I was learning in a very effective way. My only disappointment was that I couldn't take the entire course [4-Week ...Read More

Sherry Greenlee

I loved [the training]. Very inspiring! Overall, the training ... exceeded my expectations. It was rigorous and required discipline. I liked that. I [also] liked that Richard individualized his instruction and could pick out the areas I needed to work on immediately. So, although I was in a class with ...Read More

Sherry Shuldes
Boise, Idaho

[Richard's] demonstrations were great. He explained everything to detail — that was my favorite part. And he also noticed our own areas where we needed improvement. I believe everyone was quite surprised about that. [In response to "What did you like about the training?"] First of all, I learned a ...Read More

Susan K. McCawley
Palo Cedro, California

[What I liked about the Immersion is] the ability to do yoga continuously over a period of 4 weeks and being at a studio solely devoted to Iyengar yoga so that I could take advantage of other classes.

On the Level-1 Practice Week of the 2006 Summer Immersion...
A wonderful way to refresh ...Read More

Cindy Berliner
Freeport, Maine

It was a great experience & I would recommend it to anybody who is serious about yoga, but not ready for a two-year commitment. I liked the many hours of yoga practice, and I liked working with the group. It was a very supportive atmosphere, and the quality of the instruction we received was sublime.

On ...Read More

Shannon Mahan
Kirkland, Washington