[Richard's] demonstrations were great. He explained everything to detail — that was my favorite part. And he also noticed our own areas where we needed improvement. I believe everyone was quite surprised about that. [In response to "What did you like about the training?"] First of all, I learned a lot more than I thought I would. I liked the way Richard explained little details about the poses — that was very helpful. I'm glad that the yoga center is in Seattle. Now I have someplace close by to go with a great and quite knowlegeable teacher like Richard. The part that I loved/feared the most, but got a lot our of, was when Richard asked a student to teach an asana to a group (4-6) of pretend beginners. Whether you were just observing, or one of the pretend beginners, or teaching the asana, you benefited. From all these different angles, you learn what they did right and wrong. I loved how this class made you think in clear and precise words, training you to look at a beginner as a whole picture, then seeing the details. It's one thing listening to Richard teaching a class, but quite another for you to put the asana into words yourself. Conveying what you want them to do can be a very stressful and thrilling all a the same time. Richard was very patient and very helpful in pointing out our weak and strong points in teaching an asana.

Susan K. McCawley
Palo Cedro, California