Work for Study & Volunteering Opportunities

We have a number of Work For Yoga Study positions or Volunteering Opportunities available for those who are serious about learning yoga and would like to work for lessons or would like to volunteer their skills to The Center.

We have a large program of classes which can be viewed at: We have Slower Courses, Beginner Courses, Continuing Courses, Intermediate classes, and Yoga Immersions.

The Center For Yoga of Seattle has been a leader in the field of offering high quality yoga instruction in Seattle for many years. We are the Seattle Area's Only Iyengar Yoga Center offering in-studio instruction. Iyengar Yoga is the Gold Standard of Yoga. It is miles above any other reputable method of yoga.

We started in 1980 and have always had work study students as well as volunteers in our program.

We value our work for study and our volunteer community, some of whom have become our best yoga students.
Many have done some really great work for The Center. They have helped us when we did not have the skills for example to fix something. We are indebted to many of these people.

The following is a list of current opportunities as of February 2024

Please understand that we cannot give a work study position to all who might be interested or have some good skills.

Mainly we need to be paid for our classes as it takes thousands of dollars of tuition fees from students every month to keep the doors open for all to benefit from the marvelous system of yoga: Iyengar Yoga.

We will certainly consider work trades of volunteering in the following areas:

  1. Regular Cleaning of the Center at Specified Times Each Week. A cleaning shift is 2 hours per week.

The following are the times currently available for cleaning:

Monday mornings between 8:00am-11am
Tuesday mornings between 8:30am and 12:00 Noon
Wednesday mornings between 10:00am and 12:00 Noon
Thursday mornings between 10:00an-12:00 Noon
Friday mornings between 10:00m-12:00 Noon
Saturday mornings between 8:00am and 1pm
Sunday between 9am and 1pm

  1. Painting
    We have some painting projects both inside The Center(now) and Outside starting in a few months.
    We have started re-painting the exterior of the building and have a lot of work to do in re-paining the sides and rear of the building.
  2. Carpentry Work
    We have a variety of important jobs to be done.

A. One involves working with a router to trim some of our floor tiles, and re-glue the tiles down. We very much can use this person!

B. We have plenty of work to do in our very unfinished rear store room to bring this room closer to being usable as an additional yoga studio.

Tasks involve

  1. building a wooden level sub floor

We have a cement floor that is a big step below the level of middle storage room. We would want to insulate this sub floor.

  1. Insulating the walls of the this unfinished store room. It is drafty now and looses whatever warmth that is in the room.
  2. Finishing Interior Unfinished Walls of the store room
  3. Building a changing room
  4. Building a bathroom
  5. Building a wooden fence for an outdoor patio.

If you a skilled carpenter either with some time off or are Retired or Semi-Retired we may have a number of important jobs for you. We have classes that can work for you.

In the early years of the yoga center, many of our most dedicated students were carpenters who appreciated how good yoga made them feel after working all day!

Electrical Work

We have a number of jobs to be done:

  1. Work on our outdoor sign changing fixtures.
  2. Install an additional electrical outlet in the studio.

Plumbing Jobs

  1. We want to install an outdoor faucet for our hoses.
  2. Installing a toilet and sink in the rear store room.

Skilled in Roof Repair.

We have a flat, torched down roof which has occasional leaks which may be in need of repair.

If you have quite a bit of experience in this area of finding possible leak sources and making patches, please contact us.

We have a gutter that needs to be re-routed or repaired.


We need to re-wire our new chip enables credit card terminal to our internet connection 20 feet away from the terminal and connect via ethernet cable to our modem. If you are skilled in doing this type of work, please attend or contact us.

Window Cleaners.

  1. Sign Painting Repair

One side of our hanging sign in front is in need of touch up paint as it is starting to blister.

  1. Office work data entry

We can use some help in imputing students emails and phone numbers into our database.

  1. Answering phones and returning messages.

This is for people who really know what we do and can persuasively communicate what we do to others.

  1. Gardening Help. We have a small "wild" rose garden in which needs some periodic maintenance. There are some other gardening tasks, weeding,etc.
  2. Creating attractive fliers and posters: Graphic Design

If you are skilled in graphic design, we would like some help in making posters each week promoting our workshops, teacher trainings and upcoming classes.

If interested in being a part of our work for study or volunteer community, email us your interest in work for study to [email protected]
subject line: Work for Study.

Include what you are available for, what training and experience you have in this area. Please include your return phone number.

Please refrain from leaving us a voicemail. Email saves us time in the office.

The key factors for being accepted that we consider are:

Do you have some skills that we can currently use?

  1. Are you reliable? Can we count on you to do that work at the allotted time?

Can you make a commitment for a certain period of time for example to clean the studio every Thursday or Friday morning from 9am-11am? Can we count on you?

  1. Do you know what we do? If you've tried Iyengar Yoga and found out how great it is and it is the type of yoga you want to study that goes in your column.

But if you are really looking for Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hot or Heated Yoga, Bikrim Yoga, or Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga you are applying at the wrong yoga center.

If you don't know what we do, we suggest taking a class(as a paid student to find out about Iyengar Yoga first hand. Just reading about something doesn't mean much. See our drop-in classes or our 3-9 week courses to experience what we do.

Iyengar yoga is one of the best if not best systems of yoga. It is for all ages. It is highly adaptable for everyone's unique body type, their particular issues with areas of their body, their special needs,and much more.

We have a large program of classes each week from which to choose.

You can reach us at [email protected] or use the contact form on this website.